Late June Garden

Our garden is in full swing. The heirlooms are covered up in green tomatoes, with a few Stetson 84 and Brandywine already turning red. We have already picked about 200 yellow pears and there are hundreds more almost ready to go. We've been eating cucumbers on just about everything we make, from both the yamato and picklebush plants. The yamato plants already completely cover the 8 foot tall trellises and the picklebush cucs produce enough to feed a small army. Somehow we avoided the squash boorer bugs this year and we've had enough squash and zucchini to give at least a dozen away to friends. We picked three giant bowls of bush beans this past week and the next set is almost ready. We hope everyone who bought seedlings from us is having similar success!



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Garden Photos - May 22, 2011

We posted a bunch of pictures of our garden taken today, May 22, 2011, in the Photo Gallery.  We planted the heirloom tomatoes the third week of April and they look great so far.  We planted the Early Girls the first week of March and used a water teepee to protect them from the cold.  The Early Girls are now covered in tomatoes which should start to turn in the next couple of days.  Enjoy!  Click here to go to today's gallery.

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How have your tomatoes done this year?